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"No Titles" <Idea>

"Who was that woman?" I couldn't help but ask. She was so gorgeous that my eyes never left her form. She was shapely of body and whip sharp of mind, my brain just couldn't wrap around the thought of her. Sometimes I wondered if she was as real as I thought she was, but if I was dreaming... If I was dreaming, I never wanted to wake. How could I? That voice was like a smooth red wine, aged just right. Her eyeliner was sharp enough to kill, and she made my head spin every time our paths crossed. But I wasn't in love. It was entirely too early to be able to tell that. What did  a twenty something know about love anyway?  And besides, she had someone. As far as I could tell, she was the perfect woman.
Did I deserve perfection? Who was I to think that I had a fleeting chance with her? With my luck, she didn't even know I was alive. The man at the book counter shrugged as he bagged my purchases. "Can't tell you much. I know her name's Sasha, though. Very nice girl. Comes in about every two weeks to buy a newspaper and a bridal magazine. Don't have the slightest clue why. There's no ring on her finger..."
No ring? Perfect! That meant I had a chance. Slim though it might have been, I had a chance. Would I take it? Time would tell. I thanked him and clutched my bag to my chest as I hurried out to my car. Fumbling with my keys, they fell from my hands onto the ground. I cursed softly and set my bag on top of my car. Unfortunately, the bag was open and my books came tumbling out to fall onto the wet pavement. I cursed a bit louder and scrambled to pick everything up before any of it  got ruined, when I heard it. "Do you need some help, honey?"
When I looked up, there was Sasha. Kohl rimmed her eyes, gorgeous dark red lipstick graced her smile as well as on her fingertips. The dress she wore seemed like it would be more in line with the fashions of yesteryear, but it fit her frame perfectly. She was wearing black matte Mary Janes and she was waiting to stop down and help me, depending on what answer I croaked out from my then parched throat. It seemed my voice had deserted me at that very moment, so all I could do was nod.
She smiled then and all I could think was how much she looked like an angel to me. I was vaguely aware that she was trying to ask me something while we were getting my things all set, but at that particular second in time, none of that mattered. She was talking to me, this gorgeous creature had deigned to let her honeyed words slide form her lips and down to my waiting ears. How had I gotten so lucky? It wasn't until she repeated her question that I shook myself awake and answered. "Honey, are you okay? Do you need someone to come and get you to bring you home? "
"N-no. No thank you. I'm fine. Thanks for all your help, miss..?"
"Sasha, please. You're sure you'll be able to drive?" She was digging her own keys out of her vintage clutch as she asked.

"Yes. Yes thank you, Miss Sasha. I'm Jenny, by the way."
She hit me with that award winning smile again as she tucked a strand of dark hair behind her ear. "Well, Jenny, it was lovely to meet you. I hope I'll catch you here again in the next few weeks! Bye." It was the way she said that last part that made my insides turn all sorts of bubbly. Her parting words were something you'd say to just anyone and yet when she uttered those phrases to me, it sounded like she was holding out hope. It was almost as if she was telling me that she was hoping that I had noticed her after all this time and that taking initiative could be my next step. But, just to err on the side of great caution, I would take my time in approaching Miss Sasha in the future. I didn't want to wreck any chance I might have had with such an incredible person as she was. I desperately wanted to get to know her better, but for now all I had was her favored reading materials and that one interlude we'd shared. Perhaps in two weeks I would have had yet another heavenly experience like that one. Perhaps I might have gotten the opportunity to elevate my next experience to a level of wonderful that even I had not truly conceived of at that point in my life. At that particular junction, all I had was hope.
Work In Progress 1
I'm going to call this something without a name for now. I'll edit it every time I write more on it. I want feedback! Anything, good bad, indifferent. I want to know how this is shaping up.

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I don’t know why I was born. Some days, I wish I weren’t. Do I care why? Some days, the answer is no. But I do have good days. Some days, I’m very happy from the time I wake to the time I sleep. Some days I do chores without worrying about how it will affect my health. On these days, I do so well with life and everything that comes with it. However on my off days, I can tell you that it’s tantamount to being held down by weights. Heavy weights on my chest, pinning me to whatever it is that I’m sitting or lying on.  It feels as though I should require use of my feet, or want to get up and go someplace that I have to get the weight’s approval first and the answer is almost always assuredly no. So I lie on the couch and watch television. Or I sit at my computer all day and do absolutely nothing of importance. Which makes the day long and I end up so tired at the end of it. Here’s the kicker—I cannot fall asleep at a normal time on nights like these.  Before I know what’s happening, I look up at the clock and it’s already 5 am. I cringe because I want to go to bed but my significant other has to be up in two hours and I don’t want to bother them. But it’s either that or sleep on the short couch where even my feet hang over the side, so I turn everything off and drag myself back to our cozy little room. I try to sit on the bed softly enough to not wake my lover, but I’m a bit too big for softly. The bed creaks and I have to make sure they get back to sleep as soundly as they were when I entered. I’m exhausted by this point and all I want to do is collapse. Then I lie down and… It still takes me over fifteen minutes to make my brain shut the hell up. When I do fall asleep, thankfully, I sleep hard. Then, almost as suddenly, the alarm goes off. And if there’s one thing I know about me, it’s that I get up and stay up when an alarm or phone goes off near me. So I wake up with my lover and watch them get ready for work. They leave the door open, so the older cat comes in and lays on me, kneading me. That wakes me further. They leave, and now I’m up after two hours (give or take a few minutes) of hard sleep. I stay up as long as I can, then I lie down to nap. That’s about noon. Lover’s lunch time. They come in and wake me, saying I shouldn’t be asleep this early. I stay up only long enough to watch them eat and go back to work. Go to pass out, and the roommate comes out of his room long enough to get me to agree to go swimming. As much as I love swimming, I’m already tired and this won’t help. But I go, exercise is important, and I swim. Tires me out further. We get back in and change back into our clothes. No bath needed, the pool wasn’t super chlorinated. So now I’m tired and I want to lie down again. Can’t. I have a DJ set that I’ve already flaked on a few weeks in a row for various reasons and I’d feel like horse shit if I flake again. I get through my two hours and hit a second wind. Then I get invited to a friend’s set. Another two hours, but I go and have a blast. Then I sign out of the online client and then I sit at my computer, dazed. So tired. But it’s 1 am and I feel the need to tell someone, anyone, about this crappy sleep I have going. Mainly because I just can’t sleep when I need to and we’re too broke to buy sleep aids yet. And to make matters worse, the music I’m listening to is getting more and more heavy and my back wants to get off this computer but I need to… I just want to sleep normally and I hate that I can’t. I need to sleep. I want to sleep. FUCK SLEEP.  If it wants to elude me, I’ll have to trick it. Perhaps I can touch myself? No. That won’t work. I can… No. That won’t work either.
I wish I knew how to fix it. I really do.
Painting 5-13-15 by DarkGoddessK
Painting 5-13-15
My latest work. I was jamming to music and having fun while I painted.
Painting 5-10-15 by DarkGoddessK
Painting 5-10-15
I made this to put in a local tattoo parlor. I really hope someone likes it enough to bring home!

This is my new project. Random comic strips. XD

Hope you read and like them!
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K. Hebert
United States
I'm 30 and my brain and soul are older than that. Wanna know anything you don't already? Ask. I'm friendly enough to answer ^^

Current Residence: Kaplan, La
Favourite genre of music: Pirate songs and sea shanties. Yarr.
Favourite photographer: Peskaa, that sweetheart. ^_^
Favourite style of art: I like digital, anime, and other hand drawn types.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I have RealPlayer and though it can be bitchy, I love it.
Shell of choice: Shells? I like puka shells the bestest. They're pretty.
Wallpaper of choice: My favorite is a little Grim Reaper pointing up at your icons saying "Get rid of that junk."
Skin of choice: My own. No matter how much I mar it.
Favourite cartoon character: Gir, Gaz, All my bishies...Lupin III, Spike Spiegel...guys like that.And FOAMY!!!!
Personal Quote: "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..." - Matchbox 20

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