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Harry had already decided. He needed Molly's help. He couldn't keep asking 'Mione anymore. Lily was getting too big to keep by herself. 'Mione'd just send him a book to read from and he severely doubted that he could takevery good care of Lily with just advice from books. After all, the poor things didn't come with instructions.
     Today, Harry decided Lily would meet the rest of her family. He got her up and dressed with Dobby's help, and sent Hedwig ahead of him with a very short letter to Molly to tell her and Arthur that he was coming. Dobby squeaked, "Is you needing anything else, Harry Potter sir?"
     "No Dobby, thank you. We'll be all day, so please take care of the flat while we're away."
     "Dobby will sir! Dobby and Winky will have everything ready for when you and little miss returns sir!"
     Harry nodded and turned to Lily. "Ready little one?"
    "Yep, sure am dad. Are we walking today?"
     "Not today little one. Today I teach you to use the Floo."
     "Okay dad, what do I do?"
     Harry smiled and instructed her very simply, briefly remembering his first time using the Floo at the Burrow. He made sure she was speaking very clearly before giving her the powder. He sent Dobby out to the Burrow as well to make sure they arrived all right and said, "All right little one. Do exactly as I've told you."
     She spoke as clear as day and after she dropped the powder into the fire, he picked her up. As they stepped out of the Weasley's fireplace, Molly and 'Mione were waiting to coo over Lily. He put her down for Molly to play with and walked into the other room. Sure enough, Molly had called all of the remaining Weasley clan to the Burrow to meet Lily. That was fast.
     Lily ran to Harry, clearly excited. "Dad, Dad. . .Nana's just told me all those people in here are my family! 'S that true, Dad? Is it?"
     He smiled and knelt beside her. "Yes darling, they are. Lily Potter, I give you the main part of our family. The Weasleys. This nice older gent here is your Uncle Charlie, this nice long-haired chap here is your Uncle Bill, you already know your Uncle Ron and Aunt 'Mione, this beautiful lady here is your Aunt Ginny , that's your Nana Molly and Papa Arthur, and last but certainly not least, your uncle Fred and your uncle George. Do you think you can remember all of that?"
     She nodded almost solemnly. "Yep. I sure can. But Dad . . . you said Nana and Papa had seven kids. I only count six here."
     Harry wasn't sure whether he should tell her the truth about Percy. The grisly truth might be too much and harsh for her. Rightly, he had no idea what to do.
     "Angel, your uncle Percy isn't with us anymore. Some very bad people took his life from him in war and he died. He went to a much better place, my dear. Do you understand?" It was Molly who spoke. Her eyes were glistening with tears and she was dangerously close to crying as Harry knew she had been almost every week since Percy had been hit with that curse and died. But it was Lily that shocked everyone just then.
    She nodded a tiny nod, sniffed, and climbed straight into Molly's lap and hugged her as tightly as she could. Her Nana's face went blank for a second, but she quickly regained herself and clasped Lily gently in a warm hug. Lily's eyes had filled with tears then and she didn't look up but said, "Oh Nana, I'm so sorry. Aren't you really sad? 'Cause I really am sad right now. . . "
     Molly smiled and tearily chuckled, keeping Lily close. "Oh don't you worry, my little angel. Yes, I am still sad, but your Uncle Percy's getting some well deserved rest. We'll. . . we'll always love him. Just like we'll always love you."
     Lily was fully crying now. Molly cooed to her, rocked her and before Harry knew it, she was asleep on Molly's lap. He tried to take her to put her to bed, but Molly wouldn't hear of it. "Now, now harry dear. You just go on along and visit with everyone. I'll lay her down in Ginny's old room. It's really no trouble."
     Harry was relieved and went to the living room again. He sat down and joined the conversation that had started. They all talked until the sun went high to signal noon. He was discussing the Canons with Ron when he felt a tiny tug on his robe sleeves. "Dad. . .Can we play here today? I wanna play with Nana and keep her comp'ny so she won't miss uncle Percy so much."
     "But of course, little one. We'll stay as long as Nana says it's all right."
     Molly chimed in. "You can stay as long as you like my darling."
     Lily smiled and said, "Yay! Come on Nana! Let's go play 'Sploding Snap. Dad's been showin' me the  cards!" She ran to take Molly's hand excitedly and harry could see Molly's tearful smile as she followed Lily out into the kitchen.
     "That's one smart girl you have there Harry. I've never seen Mum quite so happy before."
     Bill shook his hand."What're you feeding her?"
     Charlie chuckled and added, "Yeah and where can we get some? We'll both be expecting our own children soon and we want our to be as precocious as she is. "
     Harry gave him a tired smile as he sat back in his chair, shooting glances between Ron and Hermione. "Love, mate. Pure and unquestioned love. 'S all she'll ever really need."
This is the long awaited sequel to [link] Hope you all enjoy. ^_^

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