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"Harry Potter, sir! Harry Potter, sir! Dobby's caught someone's head in the fireplace, sir!" The house-elf was almost silently squealing with excitement now as he sat on Harry's chest, poking him awake.

     Harry had taken to sleeping in his armchair so that Lily could take the bed. She really is growing up so fast. . . Right now, however, he knew more sleep was an option he didn't have. He whispered, "Yes, yes Dobby. Whose head is it?"

    "You'll see, sir! You'll see!" Dobby hopped off of Harry's chest and snapped his fingers. Harry's armchair turned completely around and he was staring at the back of Draco Malfoy's blonde coif. Harry was tiredly confused.
     "It's all right, Draco. You've been caught. You can turn around."

     As Draco turned, his eyes fell upon Lily. Harry couldn't believe his own eyes. There was a look of complete longing and softness adorning Draco's face.

Curious look for him. I wonder if that's really what he's feeling, or if he's gotten to be a damned good actor.
This is the long awaited sequel to [link] Hope you all enjoy. ^_^

[link] <-- Ch 1
[link] <-- Ch 2
[link] <-- Ch 4
[link] <-- Ch 5
[link] < --Ch 6
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