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Harry motioned to Dobby to take Lily into the other room. She had always loved the sofa in the sitting room as well, so her sleeping there would be good too. Dobby nodded and levitated her carefully off of the bed. Winky appeared two seconds later to help him. When Lily was safely moved and Harry closed the door, he turned to look at Malfoy.
     "So exactly how bloody long have you been doing that Malfoy?"
     "Y'know, she looks like some sort of angel, sleeping like that."
     Harry chuckled a bit. "Yeah, I've learned she'll look that way on occasion. But that doesn't fix the fact that you haven't answered my question. What exactly are you doing in my fireplace?"
     "She looks just like her mother you know."
     "Draco, stop stalling and answer my. . . " Harry stopped and realization dawned on him slowly. He looked at Malfoy, who smiled at him. "Hang on a minute. . . you knew her mother? How in the bloody hell could you have had anything to do with Lily's mother?"
     Draco's smile turned into a grimace as he replied, " I had a lot to do with her mother. Lily's my biological daughter, Potter."
      Harry was stunned. He tried to search his mind for anything he could say. He found very quickly that he couldn't form words at that particular moment, even if he'd wanted to. Draco took his pause as a cue to continue. He looked as tired as Harry felt.
     "Pansy doesn't know about Nadia. I had a night with her when Pansy and I were fighting, years ago. That night turned into two, then three, and suddenly I found myself making lame excuses so that I didn't have to go home to Pansy. Our marriage was arranged anyway. I doubt very much that Pansy loves me in the slightest. By now, I really don't think it matters all that much, now does it?"
     Harry finally found his tongue. "And you loved this Nadia woman?"
     "Yeah, I guess you could say I loved her. I really can't say. But what I do know is, I always felt a damned sight more relaxed around her. Nadia always knew that Pansy and I were married. Then again, I don't think she ever really cared about anything but being with me." Draco took a long bated breath and went on. "But damn it all if I didn't go breaking another of father's rules with her."
     Harry wanted to get to the bottom of all this. Preferably before Lily came galavanting into the room and started asking questions of her own that neither of them had any sane answers to. "What rule? And what's wrong with this woman? You talk about her as though she's. . .dead or something."

     Then something happened that Harry never thought he'd see again. Geunine tears of grief began to course down Draco's cheeks. "That's because she is dead, Potter. She died right after she had that little angel in there. And as for father's rule. . . Nadia is. . .was a Muggle woman. Thankfully he never knew about her before he died in Azkaban. . ." Draco trailed off right then, crying softly and not even daring to wipe away his tears.
     Harry couldn't believe what he had just heard. But he began to feel all sorts of things mingling together at that point. He decided quickly that he should just lend Draco an ear right now. He supposed this was a secret that Draco had intended upon taking with hi to the grave, but since Draco was telling him anyway. . .
This is the long awaited sequel to [link] Hope you all enjoy. ^_^

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