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"A Muggle? Draco, I'd have never thought. . ."
     " Of course you wouldn't have. That's what made Nadia so perfect! No one would ever suspect a Malfoy of being so perfectly matched with a Muggle, now would they? It was so easy to make excuses to see her. . .and be with her. I was free with her, Potter. Free. D'you know how wonderful that feels?" Draco's head was cocked to the side now and Harry could make out the remains of his crying.

     "But then why did you - ?"
     "Leave the baby on your front stoop? Oh, come off it Potter. You already know the answer to that. Think for once."
      Harry sat back in the chair and confusion littered his face. He sat so long, he found absolutely no explanation for it. He turned back to Malfoy and said, "Honestly. I don't understand why."

     "Oh fine. Be thick. It's because I knew you'd be able to take care of her, Potter. I knew at least you would be able to love her the way I wanted to. The way I meant to. The way, that for a while, I have. I knew you'd grow to adore her the way it wasn't acceptable for me to. I figured at least you'd do whatever an enchanted bit of parchment said, too." Malfoy laughed at this point and cast his eyes downward, as though there was something interesting just below him. "Did you honestly think the note was that cryptic Potter?"
     Harry shook his head. "No. No, Draco it wasn't." He shifted in the chair and continued looking at Malfoy. "Are you ever going to tell someone else about this?"
     Malfoy's blond head shook itself in a gesture of No. "I can't potter. This would ruin me. . .which brings me to my next reason as to why I was in your bloody fireplace to begin with. I have a request."
This is the long awaited sequel to [link] .Hope you all enjoy. ^_^

[link] <-- Ch 1
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