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Submitted on
December 7, 2005
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"Get up girl!"

Ciel was yanked out of her bed and tossed to the floor. Her troupe master was in a mood again. He did the same to her sisters who were asleep on the tiny cots across the room from her. He loomed over them and sneered.

"Get up you flithy cats and get to work! I have patrons waiting. And all they want to see is some dancing cats."

Ciel quietly did as she was told. She got up from the floor slowly and waited until the Master had walked out of the room before shadowing herself across the room to comfort her sisters. "There, there little ones. It will be all right soon. We will soon leave here. Do not fret."

Mer, the youngest of them, mewled, "When sister? When will we be free of him? He's a bad man. . .I'm frightened. . ."

Ciel pulled her close to stroke her hair. She purred, "Soon, I can feel it. Now come you two, we must dance. Ready yourselves quickly and I'll meet you basckstage after your opening number." Saying this, she kissed them both on the forehead and went to ready herself.

As she was finishing her last warm-ups, her middle sister, Fiere, came into the room. And she was in tears. Ciel turned and quickly knelt at her sister's side. "What is wrong, my darling kittens?"

"A . . .a demon tried to . . .to touch me while Mer and I were dancing out there. . .I got scared Ciel. I ran out and grabbed Mer. She's crying too, but the Master's not through yelling at her. He's really angry, Ciel. He's talking about. . . about. . .drowning us!" With that said, the poor kitten fell to her knees. Ciel shadowed down quickly to catch her and cup her face softly.

"Do not worry kitten. I will speak to the Master. Just stay here and wait for my return. When Mer joins you soon, wash your sweet faces and go to sleep. I will fix it all, I promise."

Fiere just nodded through the rest of her tears and Ciel turned to gather herself up for the upcoming "talk". She had to get them all out of there somehow. . .and she would. This wasn't good for any of them.
This is an OH SO LATE kiriban for my darling sis, .

:w00t: Finally found the paper it was written on sis!! Hope you enjoy.

Matured for some rough words and such.
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It's great i really like how you've written this. It takes you in easy on to the next :D
Thanks. ^_^ It just flows out, really.
some great flow i tell ya!
:hug: you're welcome
Kewl ^_^

I'll write more parts later. She's adjusting slowly to telling it. ^_^ I'm really proud of her.
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